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Xmodgames Shield 1.4

"Xmodgames Shield" is a new tool that helps in the automatic launch of your favorite games. This version is designed specifically for tablets and smartphones with Android system to help in the rapid passage of the game and save it at a certain stage.


Thanks to the application, every experienced gamer will be able to overcome any goals, achieve perfection and, using the provided mods, ensure the ease of passing all levels. At the same time, you will not need to double-click on the click to make this or that game start on your mobile device.


This is one of the primary features of this development. They also include:

1. displaying a special "Activate" button on the screen of a smartphone or tablet;

2. setting up the system in such a way that it saves all levels of passing without additional saving it;

3. control over each new process with the help of a collection of plugins.


Among the disadvantages of the version are the following:

1. suspension of the program if you do not have stable high-speed Internet access;

2. when launching various additional actions in games, especially battles, the application throws an error and closes itself;

3. do not forget about pressing the special "disable" button of the application, so as not to start the level of passage from the very beginning.


After downloading the cache, it must be added to a special folder /apps/cache/ on your Android device, where it can be easily found by the name Xmodgames Shield.


Of course, you are interested in the question, in which languages does the program work? The version of the application proposed by the developers is supported only in English, and, unfortunately, no other language is provided yet. The latest version of the app Xmodgames Shield download for android.

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