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Baidu Super Root 3.3.1

Baidu Super Root is a program for Android, the main purpose of which is to grant administrator rights to an ordinary user. With its help, in many modern tablets and smartphones, you can get root rights through cloud technologies. This is necessary when you have a great desire or an urgent need to edit the settings of some system program or the system as a whole. Basically, administrative rights are required for deeper configuration of individual parameters of the mobile device.


Among the differences between the program and its analogues, we can note the small size of the distribution kit, a much smaller amount of advertising and the presence of an online connection even while working in the application, which should not be underestimated. The essence of all the work in this software product is as follows:

  • the installation of Baidu Super Root for Android is being performed;
  • the Root button is pressed on the desktop of your device;
  • the necessary files are automatically downloaded from the Internet;
  • obtaining administrative rights for your device.


The whole principle of the application is based on this, you go online, nothing more is required of you. The software will automatically scan the system of your mobile device, determine which files it needs to grant you administrator rights and start searching and downloading them.


In some cases, the device may reboot after installing the application, in which case you should not worry. There is a very clear menu, flexible system parameters and a large number of various plugins that can be used as additional settings for individual system products. The latest version of the app Baidu Super Root download for android.

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