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SuperSU 2.82

SuperSU on Android is a useful application. Often, many owners of modern tablets, as well as mobile phones, may often need full control of their operating system, they need superuser access. It is for this purpose that this application is intended.


Media development has a large number of useful characteristics, in comparison with its analogues. First of all, the access manager is very easy to use, with its help in a matter of minutes you will be able to get root access for many of your programs or patches that will be installed in the memory of your mobile device. With the help of Super SU on Android, you can vary the state of root and unroot in order to stop at one at the right moment, based on the capabilities of your media device.


The program has a lot of interesting options, as well as:

  • improved security;
  • OTA mode has been created;
  • it is possible to switch administrator rights;
  • automatic scanning of the system of your mobile phone or tablet is provided.


The most important attraction of this program, after all, is the ability to switch administrator rights. Many users are probably familiar with the state when some utilities require root rights, when other applications cannot be configured with root turned off. This is very inconvenient, but with the help of such software, it becomes very easy to work with the configuration of your device. Extreme simplicity, and at the same time excellent speed and quality of work. The latest version of the app SuperSU download for android.

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  • Program version: 2.82
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