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Google Play Services Зависит от устройства

Google Play services are software that is necessary when updating various utilities and programs from a well-known brand-a search engine. With this utility, all programs and their key settings, such as authentication in the service or synchronization of phone contacts, will work normally on your media device.


You will also be able to access the new privacy settings of Google utilities and better energy-saving services that will use your location data.


Any components for phone applications from Google Play on Android are aimed at making all their work more convenient. This is achieved using the following steps:

  • the search for information in offline mode is accelerated;
  • maps in games have clearer graphics;
  • the work is carried out at maximum speed.


Popular media product services are distributed through the Google Play Store client, they absolutely do not depend on which mobile operator or brand of mobile phone you have. Any software updates are made in athematic mode, if there is an Internet connection. You can download new games, useful applications or small programs to your mobile device.


With the help of the platform, components and add-ons from the eminent developer interact with each other. Access to the settings sections is achieved thanks to the full authentication procedure, which is very simple for both the developer and the average user. It is enough to make a few clicks on the main menu and you will be authorized. All the tinctures of the service are simple enough to make the work as comfortable and fast as possible thanks to them. The latest version of the app Google Play Services download for android.

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  • Program version: 22.09.20 (100400-434869283)
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  • Program version: 22.09.20 (040308-434869283)
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