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Root File Manager 1.1.0

Root File Manager is a wonderful find for an enthusiastic customizer of an Android gadget. OSes fiercely resist user intervention in a system resource that is not intended for him directly. The purchased gadget is ours, not everything can be viewed and "touched".


Now ghost files in invisible folders are unclassified! You can change the icon yourself with RFM, copy an expensive Android file, transfer it with Bluetooth. The beginner gets experience, the rest – the desired result!



The interface is stylish and friendly. On top of the window with the File System present are function keys, with cheat sheets of functions. Replacing the two–window mode is creating your own tabs. Everything is in plain sight, the options are clear, there is no dragging.



  • 28 languages.
  • A set of screen resolutions.
  • Compression (zip only) and decompression (5 formats).
  • Built-in text editor.
  • Work in the "clouds".
  • Streaming media is executed without downloading.
  • Other functions.


The tests showed a good speed of the Router Manager, the built-in flash plugin and FTP pleasantly expand the functionality. The latest version of the app Root File Manager download for android.

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  • Program version: 1.1.0
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  • Program version: 1.0.7
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  • Program version: 1.0.5
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