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Root Explorer 4.7.3

Root Explorer is an excellent file manager for every user of a mobile phone, tablet or smartphone on the Android platform. With its help, you have the opportunity to conveniently edit and move the necessary files and folders to which you have administrator rights, that is, you have root access.


You will find even hard-to-find files and folders in a few seconds to configure them as you see fit. Among the features of the application, you can note the operation of tabs such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and the network (SMB) and support for SQLite Database Viewer.


Also in Root Explorer for Android you will find a text editor and ZIP and RAR archivers. Working with scripts will now be simplified to a minimum. Among the key features of the software are the following:

  • working with email;
  • Bluetooth support;
  • viewing secondary apk files;
  • change the owner of a group of contacts or some folders.


In the software product, it is possible to create a symbolic link or open a file as a shortcut. You will be able to create MD5 format shortcuts and move them around the entire memory of your mobile device.


To install the application, you will first need to download its distribution and unpack everything from the root folder into the phone's memory. In no case should the installation be carried out on an SD memory card, since the application will not work properly in this case and it will have to be reinstalled again. If the root does not open for a while, you can restart your mobile device, after all, actions always help in such situations. The latest version of the system application Root Explorer download for android.

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