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MyTube - YouTube Playlist Free 2.8

MyTube - YouTube Playlist Free - the program will appeal to users who often watch kittens, videos from auto-registrars, drunken fights and other "favorite" videos for a Russian user.

I recommend this product to senior users of the Runet... There are a large number of positive qualities that many people liked.

- Now it's possible to switch between channels!

- The "up" button, if you are too lazy to touch the screen a couple of times.

- If you are viewing a huge amount of content, then now you can look at the search history and find your favorite blogger, a latsplayer.

- You have a unique opportunity to control gestures if you want something new.

- What many people wanted so much - it is now possible to adjust the quality of the video, even count the number of hairs of everyone's favorite cute pet.

- Simplified search.


And many, many more interesting and important things. Download this curiosity, enjoy... The latest version of the widget on the desktop MyTube - YouTube Playlist Free download for android.

Features: Online

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