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Backup Text for Viber 1.0.2

Backup Text for Viber is an application for owners of Android devices actively using the popular Viber messenger. The Backup Text for Viber differs from similar software in that it allows you to make a backup copy of the correspondence (including emoticons) and save it in the memory of a portable electronic device or on an external SD card in HTML format.


The control interface is very simple and intuitive even for novice users. This software allows you to easily and conveniently sort emails in the history of sent/received messages, filter emails by their type, date of dispatch or content, export data to Excel data tables, save conversations in HTML format. As mentioned above, the application will become an indispensable assistant for owners of Android devices actively using the messenger, users who want to keep a meaningful correspondence for them.


How to use the program? - Click on the corresponding icon, then click on the "Menu" button, then go through the chain of Additional parameters, Settings. Click on the "Send history by mail" button, select "Backup Text for Viber" in the drop-down menu. After that, the process of exporting data to the selected location will begin.


How do I view a saved backup? - Find the "My Files" folder on the screen of your mobile device, log in to it. Next, select the folder of the same name with the name of the software, find the copy results, open the file and check if all the information is saved.


With the presented program, you can not worry about accidentally deleting important data. Keep the letters that are relevant to you in a convenient place in the memory of your mobile device! Do it at a convenient time for you. The latest version of the app Backup Text for Viber download for android.

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