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RetroSelfie - photo editor 6.1.18

Retro Selfie is a great addition to Android for a self–sufficient person! New gadgets have freed from the search for "a decent person with a firm hand who can "click"". I take photos myself, process and publish. Personally, with almost no assistants, only with a Photo Editor RS.


The technique freed from the chemistry of the process of making a hard copy of a landscape, a portrait of a person. And she threw out her knee, throwing up the idea of artistic processing. But even photoshop gurus are now using retro–selfies, giving selfies a fleur of the lost past - albumin photo paper, magnesium flash and a young lady cutting out a filigree frame.


RetroSelfie for self-photographs offers:

  • vintage styles with amazing filters,
  • stickers,
  • photo collages
  • frames,
  • other improvements!


Retro effects, professional frames are now available, autofocus has been worked out. Self–sufficiency is not unsociability! Adding a photo to any social network for the preservation of a masterpiece, now a like-shock to the author + performer is guaranteed. By adding cool hats, cigars, inscriptions, create postcards and demotivators! The latest version of the entertainment app RetroSelfie - photo editor download for android.

Features: Camera

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