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Baidu Browser Mini (Small&Fast) 1.12.23

Baidu Browser Mini is an easy–to-manage Internet browser designed for Android mobile devices that does not require additional settings. Compared to similar software, it has a higher operating speed, does not take up much space in the memory of a tablet or smartphone, and has an intuitive interface. Baidu Browser Mini is very popular and you can join the ranks of its fans at any time.


The new modification of the popular Android application is distinguished by the presence of a completely new user interface with a simple, elegant design, allows you to quickly download your favorite music, photos, videos to the memory of your mobile device, easy to use thanks to an intuitive user interface. The application will become an indispensable assistant for owners of Android devices for whom the speed of work is more important than the colorfulness of the design, users who spend a lot of time on the Internet, visiting pages with multimedia content.


How to reduce the power consumption of the application? - If the program is located in the data/app folder, then move it to the internal memory. How to scale pages in the browser? - Go to settings, turn on the "full screen" function, click on the icon and hold your finger on it to swipe it left-right across the screen, respectively, the page size will decrease-increase.


What should I do if Quoting fails? - Click on the desired text fragment, hold your finger until the magnifying glass icon appears. Select the "Copy" item, then go to the message in which the quote is inserted, tap on the white field, then a long tap until the icon appears in the form of a droplet, click the "Paste" button. The latest version of the browser Baidu Browser Mini (Small&Fast) download for android.

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