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Photon flash player and browser 5.3

Photon Flash Browser is a fast, feature-rich flash browser designed specifically for Android devices. The capabilities of this application allow you to browse pages on the Internet at high speed, run Javascript at speeds higher than in similar programs of other developers, and play Flash. One of the undoubted advantages of the program is the complete absence of annoying ads, which makes working with Photon Flash Browser even more enjoyable.


The browser supports an unlimited number of tabs, is able to view and play video files, has an address bar designed for entering/searching URLs, is able to block ads and pop-ups, maintains the confidentiality of pages viewed by the user, and much more. The application will appeal to owners of Android devices who actively use the Internet, who do not want to waste time viewing unnecessary advertising materials, who want to keep secret the history of visiting web pages, other categories of users.


The control interface is extremely simple, colorfully designed, intuitive. Registration is not required for the browser to work, there is no need to install the Adobe Flash Player plugin to watch videos, to learn how to install APK files. How do I launch the app? - Just click on the button with the image of a lightning bolt.


How many navigation modes does the app support? - Three. The first is the finger operation mode, the second is the hand movement mode in which the owner of the electronic device can drag game cards and other elements across the screen, the third is the mouse mode in which the touch screen turns into a panel that provides full control of movement. The latest version of the browser Photon flash player and browser download for android.

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