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µTorrent 6.8.5

Microtorrent on Android will allow you to download or download torrent files directly on your smartphone or tablet. The program has an attractive audio player built in, which has interesting functionality. At the very beginning of using the program, you will be able to pay attention to an attractive interface that will immediately catch your eye. The interface will be blue, you will be able to pay attention to the fact that the translation of the application into Russian was not quite perfect. Not infrequently there will be gaps.


The tinctures of the application will be located at the bottom of the screen of your mobile device. Also, using separate buttons, you will control the volume setting of the player and will be able to adjust the frequency pitch. Fans of rap music and instrumental compositions will appreciate this functionality especially well. The software will be able to please even the most demanding music lovers.


There are several useful points in uTorrent for Android:

  • the function of cropping the melody online;
  • editing audio files;
  • download videos directly from your phone's memory.


The player gives you access to switch music tracks in any sequence. There is also a sleep timer that will turn off the application after a certain time of its operation. In the widget sections, you can notice three simple desktop windows, they are necessary for quick switching of tracks. Despite the fact that there are some disadvantages in the software, it has a large number of useful functions and a very beautiful equalizer. It is worth downloading this application and trying it out on your device. The latest version of the widget on the desktop µTorrent download for android.

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