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ShareCloud (Share Apps) 4.9.1

ShareCloud (Share Apps) is a universal multitool for transferring any files from the Android system. The design is nice, the layout of buttons and tabs is very logical. All functions are located exactly where you are looking for them, there are descriptions and hints for many actions - even a small child can cope with the program. There is only one positive left from using it.

The application is positioned as a multifunctional device for file sharing. There are many options available, you can operate with different types of data. The main “trick" is the transfer of apk files and installed programs.


The convenient menu allows you to search for the necessary information, sort it by type (video, music, pictures) and send one or more items. All actions take just a couple of moments. The transfer can be made anywhere. You can use Bluetooth or send to Facebook feed, email, and so on. In the absence of Internet access and the presence of large files, it is advisable to use a HotSpot instead of a "blue tooth" – over a wireless WiFi connection without routers and the Internet.


  • Convenient and practical;
  • An intelligent file manager with relevant categories;
  • Transmission without Internet;
  • You can share the apk;


Sending is possible using:

  • Gogle Drive;
  • Dropbox;
  • Facebook;
  • Email;
  • WhstsApp;
  • Bluetooth;
  • WiFi and other technologies and clients.


The installation is the simplest. The Sheircloud application is top-of-the-line, with excellent performance and functionality. It can be useful to anyone at any time. «Must have». The latest version of the widget on the desktop ShareCloud (Share Apps) download for android.

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