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Yandex.Mail 8.11.1

Yandex.Mail is a multifunctional and easily configurable email client for devices running Android OS. In terms of the interface, it is a typical product from Yandex. The menu and all controls are made in the now fashionable "Material Design". It looks interesting and practical.

The first launch is accompanied by a couple of interesting moments. The identification procedure has been simplified – a login is enough, not an entire address. After authentication, emails are downloaded (about a minute). When using the program in the future, everything is available instantly.


There are many categories of emails available, where you can send them manually or according to a previously created rule. In addition to flexible organization, it is possible to create new folders – for example, for letters of a separate recipient. All actions are performed very quickly, and in general, the speed of the application is quite high. Emails are displayed immediately when they appear in the mailbox. There is no need to restart the application. A new message also appears on the lockscreen, but without displaying the content. There is very little space in the gadget's RAM – about 10 megabytes.

I am glad to work with attached files – they are easy to view and send. At the same time, third-party applications can also be used. The main actions – delete and reply – are available directly from the general mail list. You can also easily connect several mailboxes and receive messages from many addresses at once.



  • Auto-notifications;
  • Intelligent and manual sorting of emails;
  • Simplicity and practicality;
  • Undemanding of resources;
  • Support for multiple addresses;
  • Yandex.Mail for domains.


Easy to install and configure. Ideal for those who want to have an email client that does not require too much attention, but does an excellent job with mail management. The latest version of the app Yandex.Mail download for android.

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