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MediaGet - torrent client 1.7.17

MediaGet is a torrent client in a new version for the Android system. Nimble and simple. Impressions from using this program are only the best. It's all the fault of an interesting design, ease of operation and excellent functionality. In fact, it is a porting of the program of the same name to a PC.One of the most important features of this torrent client is an intelligent Google search. Now there is no need to worry about registering on trackers and finding the right Magnet links – just type in the desired query and start downloading.

The user can do anything with downloads. The days when Android customers only had a “download" button are long gone. Now downloads can be sorted and raised in the list, view their properties and choose which parts to download and which not.


Added display of the number of sids and liches, approximate end time and average speed. Flexible configuration allows you to turn a media asset into a powerful tool for interacting with the network. All types of memory are available for download: both internal and Micro SD card. It is important to know that the speed depends entirely on the “popularity” of the distribution and the quality of the Internet connection. For maximum efficiency, you should use a high-speed connection or a connection of the latest generations.

The installation is simple and does not require additional files. Ruth doesn't need a license. A full-fledged torrent harvester for your “green robot". The latest version of the widget on the desktop MediaGet - torrent client download for android.

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  • Program version: 1.7.17
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