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Avito Alerts 2.52

Avito Alerts is an excellent application for Android OS that facilitates interaction with the announcement board of the same name. The program is an interesting symbiosis of a search agent and a classic Avito application. It will be most useful to everyone who uses this platform. Now up-to-date records for ads come quickly and accurately.

In the prog, the user types the query he is interested in. As soon as similar entries appear on the site, they are immediately displayed on the display of the mobile assistant. This helps to be among the first to respond and not to "miss" a profitable offer.


Avito notification has a number of advantages, which makes it incredibly functional and convenient:

  • Flexible setting of alerts by time of day;
  • Updated with a configurable frequency from a few minutes to hours;
  • Choosing a specific melody specifically for Avito;
  • Intelligent search engine;
  • Displaying preliminary results;
  • The number from the ad can be copied or dialed directly from the program;
  • Displaying messages on the lockscreen.


The application is installed as standard and in a very short time. You will only need access to the network - and no additional permissions. Be sure to download to everyone who has encountered the Avito platform. The application will become a reliable assistant and will greatly simplify the search for interesting offers. A real "must have". The latest version of the app Avito Alerts download for android.

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