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µTorrent Remote 1.0.20110929

Microtorrent Remote is a useful application designed for users of portable electronic devices running on Android. Do you often download multimedia files using Utorrent? Then the Torrent Remote program is created especially for you.


The capabilities of this software allow you to remotely manage file downloads on a desktop computer from the screen of a mobile phone or tablet. You can now access and make the download process faster anywhere in the world. To do this, you just need to create an account, that's all.


The functionality of the software makes it possible to add, delete, stop and start torrent files in remote mode, monitor the download progress, check RSS feeds. The interface is convenient and intuitive for users who do not even know English. The application installation process takes a few minutes, does not require complex manipulations and additional settings.


The program will be useful for owners of mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PCs running on Android, who often download movies, music and various sources on the Internet, using torrent files for this. With its help, you will speed up the download speed and expand the functionality of your device.


How do I register in the app? - First you need to install "Utorrent 3.0 alpha". Then enter the "Settings/Configuration/WEB" menu and tick the "Enable uTorrent Web Remote Access s" item. Next, you need to enter the invented username and password in the appropriate fields and click on the "Apply" button.

The item with the secret question can be ignored. We wait for the "Accessible" status to appear, go into the uTorrent Remote program and enter the invented login and password on the touch screen of the device. That's it, now you can fully use the software! The latest version of the widget on the desktop µTorrent Remote download for android.

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