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Photoshop Touch 2.0.0

Adobe Photoshop Touch – now a full-fledged graphics editor is available on Android. The whole power of Photoshop is in the mobile device. Photoshop is a benchmark and a leader in graphics processing around the world. You can use it to process photos, create collages, or even create layouts for websites. Now all this rich functionality is available on the "green robot".

The interface is very friendly and resembles the desktop version for Mac OS. All the main functions and tools are available immediately on the working canvas, the rest will have to be pulled out of the menu. The language of the program is English, the version has not yet been Russified. However, by the appearance of the icons, their purpose is already clear, so it is impossible to talk about the absence of Russification as a big minus.

The control is fully optimized for touch displays, everything works clearly and correctly. In some functions, finger control is even more comfortable than a mouse.The main functions of the original program have not been curtailed. There are all the possibilities for processing and formatting, a lot of filters, cropping, text, and most importantly, working with layers.

Oddly enough, Adobe Photoshop Touch does not particularly load the system. It will work quickly even on fairly ancient devices from three to four years ago. On modern gadgets, the speed of operation is comparable to lightning – it is visible, but too fast to consider the details. On a large screen, the program feels much more comfortable and can offer more toolbars and settings. Therefore, it is recommended, first of all, to owners of tablets and phablets.


  • Good old photoshop;
  • Fast and high-quality;
  • Huge functionality;
  • Native management;
  • Excellent optimization;
  • Elementary installation.


Download the program right now – this is the best thing there is from the graphics editors on Android. The latest version of the entertainment app Photoshop Touch download for android.

Download Photoshop Touch on android

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