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ePSXe for Android

ePSXe for Android is a program for playing your favorite Play Station projects on the screen of an Android gadget. This is the latest high-quality emulator of the most famous versions of the game console: PSX and PSone. The interface is pleasant and fresh, the menu impresses with its simplicity and conciseness. The emulation of this program really works and turns out well. It copes perfectly with most games, the user can search for a long time for a project that will not work correctly.

I am pleased with the possibility of entering the Bios and the wide scope of the settings menu. Everything that is possible on consoles is now possible on a smartphone or tablet. Loading toys from a memory card, cheats, saves, and so on – there are no restrictions. It is possible to play with friends on the same device (up to 4 people). This, of course, is not as convenient as a TV and console, but the option itself deserves the right to life.

The control is implemented almost perfectly. At the request of the user, you can control the keys of the device (for some equipped models), it is possible to call up the screen with controllers or display transparent controls directly on top of the main picture. The latter is especially impressive and convenient.


Do not forget about connecting external controllers. The main thing is that they are supported by the gadget, and the emulator will be able to configure them correctly. You can use both wired solutions and those using wireless technologies. Modern software components provide maximum performance and graphics that are no different from the original.

Features of ePSXe for Android:

  • Access to your favorite games 24/7;
  • Excellent optimization;
  • Original graphics;
  • Convenient management;
  • Lots of settings;
  • Connecting external controllers.


You should know that the games are not included in the package of the application. The work of creating images from the original discs lies entirely with the user. A great prog for all fans of Sony consoles. You should definitely download it to try your favorite toys again. The latest version of the app for studying ePSXe for Android download for android.

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