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Cool Reader GL Зависит от устройства

Cool Reader GL is a program for reading e–books on Android. Its interface is designed in such a way as to create comfort when reading on devices with a large screen extension. It practically does not differ from similar readers, except that its optimization for screens with a wide resolution distinguishes it.



  • OpenGL speeds up rendering;
  • accelerated loading from online libraries;
  • you can create bookmarks, enable reading aloud mode;
  • get access to dictionaries;
  • you can create and delete bookmarks;
  • brightness, backlight and screen adjustment settings are set according to your desire;
  • creating and deleting folders.


In order to adjust the brightness, you need to swipe down or up along the page from the left side, stopping at the right place. If you want to highlight some text, then click on the word and swipe to highlight the entire phrase. This application will be useful for all lovers of reading who have Android-based devices. However, if you are not attracted to such a way of spending time, then you should not download this utility.


Installing the latest version of the GL Cool Reader does not cause difficulties, however, if it still does not work, it is recommended to go back to the old one.


Frequently asked questions

The program crashes, what to do?

  • Collect logs and report the problem to the developer by attaching the collected logs.

Can I install the new version along with the old one?

  • Yes, there is such a possibility. Even more, all your bookmarks will be saved.
  • The latest version of the app Cool Reader GL download for android.

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