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360 Security Lite

360 Security Lite is a program designed for Android devices whose memory does not exceed 1 GB; it makes them more "nimble" and reduces battery consumption. The main feature of this can be called that they are designed for devices with a small amount of memory.



  • exclusivity;
  • intelligent battery saving, that is, applications that consume a lot of energy are detected and closed;
  • fixing problems with "hanging" and "braking";
  • deleting file garbage;
  • detection of large files with the provision of information on their deletion;
  • multilevel virus protection;
  • a full scan will take only 6 seconds of your time.


If your phone hardly manages to cope with its tasks (does not shoot videos, works slowly, etc.), then 360 Security Lite is a must for you. The application will replace the antivirus program, anti-advertising, save memory and battery power. However, it can be installed only on weak devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having problems uploading photos to my android, will this program help me?

  • Rather yes, because with its help you will be able to clear the cache, that is, there will be a place for your files.
  • The latest version of the antivirus 360 Security Lite download for android.

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