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New Perfect retrica 1.0

New Perfect retrica for Android is a new photo editor, and it allows you to process pictures from your camera or files from the gallery. Like the Color Effect Photo Editor utility, it offers to use rather unexpected effects, create completely new images.



  • changing colors;
  • you can choose a frame for your picture;
  • there are stickers, for example, sunglasses, hats, and you can freely integrate them into your masterpiece;
  • you can cut out the necessary parts;
  • a set of functions such as image rotation, contrast, saturation, the ability to draw, adding text.


By choosing New Perfect Retroka for your tablet or phone as a photo editor, you get an excellent opportunity to work with any pictures wherever it is convenient for you. If you spend a lot of time on social networks, in particular Instagram, then you can show your most recent edited selfies instantly after shooting on Android. This application is not suitable for those who want to perform professional image processing.


The following questions often arise

Can I use my own framework or just the standard ones?

  • You can use only the suggested samples for photo processing.
  • The latest version of the entertainment app New Perfect retrica download for android.

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