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PicsoArt 2015 3.0

PicsoArt 2015 is a mobile solution for editing graphics directly on the display of an Android gadget. Practical when there is no access to a PC. The interface is simple, even a child can handle it. The program is designed for users who do not require a megafunction, but want to quickly edit the photo they like without delving into the details of the process. In this case, simplification rather went to the detriment than brought any "buns".

The richness and quality of the effects of the application is no different. There are classic features like brightness control, contrast and other graphics characteristics. Among the possibilities of "instant correction" there are several templates that, according to the developers, should make a mini-masterpiece out of each snapshot.


In fact, the real result is given by a couple of filters at most. The rest do not bring much effect and are practically unsuitable for improvement and editing. When compared with other programs of this type, Pixoart 2015 loses to them on all fronts.



  • Light weight and easy installation;
  • High speed operation;
  • Adjustment of graphics parameters.



  • A terrible set of filters;
  • Almost complete absence of "buns" and additional features;
  • There are no brushes and similar tools;
  • Secondary.


As a result, it becomes clear that this is just a plagiarism program designed to "rest on the laurels" of the original PicsArt. The application has poor execution and functionality, it does not come close to the original. You can download it only if there is a need for an easy and fast tool for changing contrast, brightness, color. The latest version of the entertainment app PicsoArt 2015 download for android.

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