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Chrome Dev 103.0.5055.0

Chrome Dev is the newest version of the much-loved browser designed for developers and enthusiastic users. Finally, we waited, and now this program is also available on Android devices. To say something about the design or appearance of Chrome is simply unnecessary. It is a product of the highest quality with excellent animation, rich functionality and stable operation. As for Chrome Dev, this is a special version for developers. It has all the advantages of the original, and can be easily used as a browser, but its main task is to test the stability of the program as a whole and its new functions.

After creating the next "bun", the developers introduce it into this test version, where it is thoroughly tested by thousands of users. Now everyone can decide what Chrome will look like in the future and help make it more perfect and multifunctional. Updates for this channel are released at least once a week. As a result, the user does not have to be bored, the product is constantly being transformed and overgrown with new features. Some of them are simply innovative and you want to use them today.


Since the program has a clear focus and was created primarily to improve the original, you should not expect megastable work or excellent optimization. Sometimes there are lags and crashes, but this is a huge plus – if the test version crashes, then the constant one will definitely be deprived of this drawback. To save nerve cells, it is desirable to have the main application on the device in addition to this version.



  • The latest innovations in the world of mobile browsing;
  • Excellent design and practicality in use;
  • The ability to influence the final product;
  • If desired, it can be used as a default browser.


The verdict is obvious: download and join the world of software of the future! Create new Chrome the way you want it to be. You will be able to enjoy the latest features and capabilities before their official release. The latest version of the browser Chrome Dev download for android.

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