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GameCIH 3.0.0

GameCIH is an application for Android devices that makes it much easier and easier to pass all kinds of shooting games, action games, platformers and strategies. Gamekish is an analogue of the Artmoney program, developed for personal computers and laptops. The software allows you to change the speed of the gameplay, both in a smaller and larger direction, and this is one of its features.


The program also allows you to hack games, install an unlimited number of coins, experience points, pump characters in RPG without problems and effort, and much more. Important! For full functioning, an Android tablet or smartphone user must have root user rights.


The user interface is extremely simple and intuitive. The program weighs little, is easy to install and configure, and can be successfully used even on weak mobile devices. It will undoubtedly arouse the interest of players who want to easily pass toys, without extra effort and problems.


How to use the program? - Enable "USB Debugging", then tick the "Debugging" item in the "Development" item (go to Settings, Applications). After that, open the application, launch the game directly, select the Input Number item in the window that opens and enter a numeric value into it, for example, the amount of money available at the moment.


After that, you need to close the window and you can start spending money in the game. Then we go back to the software control panel, click Input Number, enter the number (if there were 5000 coins and spent 2000, you need to enter 2000). If everything goes well, the software will find a couple of suitable values. We enter five or six nines into these lines, confirm, go into the game and are pleasantly surprised by the number of game coins on the account. Use the presented program and do not limit yourself to anything in gaming applications! The latest version of the app GameCIH download for android.

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