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iLauncher is one of the best launchers for Android devices at the moment. Its distinctive feature is a complete imitation of the visual design of the IOS 6/IOS 7 desktop. Now the screen of your tablet PC, smartphone, phone will be as similar as possible to the one presented on Apple devices. At the same time, the device will retain all the multitasking and functionality of Android. Use the Ai Launcher and make the design of your device unique and attractive.


The program, at first glance, may seem simple, but despite this it supports a lot of functionality. Below is just a small list of its distinctive features.



  • Support smooth scrolling
  • A new style of desktop graphic design
  • Lots of animation effects when closing and opening applications
  • Availability of a dock panel
  • The ability to change the design of icons and captions to them
  • A simple process of removing programs from the screen


The process of downloading and installing the application requires a minimum of time, passes without user intervention in automatic mode. The application will be a pleasant and useful addition to the arsenal of software for tablet and smartphone users who want to change the appearance of the touch screen of a smartphone / tablet beyond recognition, to fans of graphics offered by Apple.


How do I activate "Edit"? - Long tap on any icon on the screen. To exit back, use the "Back" button. How to hide an icon? - Enter the editing mode, tap on the desired image, select the menu item "Hide". The latest version of the app iLauncher download for android.

Download iLauncher on android

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