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AppBrain App Market 10.1.3

AppBrain App Market is another replacement for many bored Play Market on Android. The design is simple and attractive, made in bright colors. Purely visually, it is much more pleasant to use it than the brainchild of Google. Everything is neatly signed, the applications are numbered, there is a feeling of perfect order. The store itself positions itself as the same Google Store, just more convenient, faster and friendlier. Regarding the increase in the speed of work and loading, this is a controversial issue, but the remaining points are 100% fulfilled. The extended functionality perfectly complements the "user friendly" orientation of the appearance.

The program analyzes user data (from the profile) and installed applications. Based on this data, the user receives notifications about the most suitable software for his gadget. Convenient! Moreover, the user will always be aware of all the news and new programs.


A separate module of the Store works with the removal and update of the software. Everything is cleaned quickly, efficiently and without residual files and empty folders. As for the update, the same notifications work here – "the update has come, it's time to install." The apps are conveniently sorted by categories and all kinds of tops. It really turns out to find the right software faster than in the Play Store, even the search understands better.

The built-in backup tool does not create impressive archives with programs from the device, but saves a complete list of installed programs in the cloud. In a couple of clicks, everything can be installed on any gadget with the same account. There is also an interesting tool for sharing favorite prog between friends – you can say goodbye to ordinary text links forever.



  • Fast, high-quality, beautiful;
  • Convenient intelligent search;
  • Lots of categories and top lists;
  • News and offers;
  • Easy backup;
  • Sherring of your favorite software;
  • Update manager and uninstaller;
  • Basic installation and configuration.


Perhaps, the Epp Brain Epp Market is one of the best "Killers of the Play Market". From the first minute, I want to use the product and this feeling does not go away even for several weeks. Just a "must have" as the best alternative to a standard store. The latest version of the widget on the desktop AppBrain App Market download for android.

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