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One Launcher 25.1.1590.20160317

One Launcher is a lightweight and convenient shell for the Android operating system. The appearance, at first launch, resembles the symbiosis of iOS 8 and the MIUI interface. It must be admitted that this is an excellent combination that gives a unique feeling of purity and lightness when using this shell.

Van Launcher has many features that distinguish it from competitors, but the main thing is speed. Even very outdated gadgets have a “second wind” and they begin to show excellent results in the smoothness of the interface. And this is all with the weight of the program itself in a couple of megabytes! It's just unbelievable.


In addition to all of the above, the shell offers extensive customization options. The user can customize whatever he likes or download one of the pre-installed themes. They are completely different from each other in both icons and wallpapers and the interface as a whole. The user can put his drawings on the background, and download from the huge online galleries of the application. There are live wallpaper galleries in testing, already available in the settings panel as a beta version.

All alerts are displayed in a special style right on the locked screen, so there is absolutely no need for a third-party alert or locker. For additional design, a set of colorful widgets and a lot of transition effects from screen to screen are used. As for the hardware, the launcher almost does not take up RAM and the battery charge does not suffer much.


  • Light weight;
  • Easy installation;
  • The maximum possible speed of the interface;
  • Cute design;
  • Lots of themes, icons and wallpapers;
  • Extensive customization and customization options;
  • Undemanding to resources;
  • Constantly updated.


If you are tired of the default appearance of the system, you want something light, but at the same time interesting and high-quality, then this launcher will be an ideal choice. Upgrade your device and give it a second life! The latest version of the app One Launcher download for android.

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  • Program version: 25.1.1590.20160317
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