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Russian language - GO keyboard 4.0

Russian - GO keyboard is a Russification of the most popular custom input system for Android. GO Keyboard is a unique application that began its journey as part of the launcher of the same name, but later became a separate project. Now you can use this keyboard with absolutely any shell.

What are the differences from analogues? In the quality of execution, hundreds of topics and undemanding system resources. This keyboard offers the widest possibilities for customization, has a lot of settings and a nice interface. That is why she is one of the leaders. The plugin with the Russian-language layout is perfectly executed. There are no complaints about work - everything is fast and convenient. In addition to Russian characters, the Emoji tab and the continuous input function are supplied.

I would like to mention the latter in more detail. It is perfectly implemented and allows you to enter words simply by connecting the necessary letters on the layout. The percentage of erroneous responses is extremely low, and dictionaries are constantly updated. For the correct operation of the Russifier, the GO Keyboard application must be installed. Dictionaries can be reloaded, so traffic can be spent. Make your keyboard complete – download Russian GO Keyboard to your device! The latest version of the app Russian language - GO keyboard download for android.

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  • Program version: 4.0
  • Downloaded: 10315
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  • Program version: 3.6
  • Downloaded: 5647
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  • Program version: 3.3
  • Downloaded: 11576
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