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GLTools [root] 1.98

GLTools [root] is the first assistant of a gamer on Android. This is a unique program for any "green" gadget. Its interface is as simple as possible – several tabs, settings and options. But her work is impressive.

The program is a special driver version for OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU on x86 and ARM processors. It allows you to perform various manipulations with the operation of the graphics core, which can significantly increase the graphics performance of the device.



  • The program allows you to emulate the GPU of any other device. A great opportunity for smartphones and tablets "from the Middle Kingdom" to disguise themselves as a well-known brand and give false information to games.
  • Full–fledged work with textures - reduction and magnification, stretching and so on. To work correctly, you will need to download a small plugin from the Network.
  • Control over the bitness of graphics in any game, change the display resolution to increase FPS and the speed of the device.
  • If the GPU allows it, the program can enable font and image smoothing in any software product on the device.
  • Instant shader optimization.
  • Built-in FPS counter.


This application will allow you to launch those games and programs that did not want to work on your gadget in any way, increase graphics performance and game quality. Naturally, for such rich features, you will need superuser rights and write permission in the system partition.


You should be careful about the backup of the program by third-party backups. As long as the settings of the Jewel Tool are not saved when the device is reset, you will have to install and configure it again. The manufacturer promises to fix this in the next updates. If you feel that your gadget "does not pull" modern toys, but you want to play, or because of some bug your favorite game does not start, then this program is exactly what you need. The latest version of the app GLTools [root] download for android.

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