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i6 Plus Launcher 1.6

i6 Plus Launcher is a cute shell that will install on any Android gadget without any problems. The launcher itself is quite simple and is not full of settings. For that, it has excellent icons and a bright appearance. This will be enough for most of the unpretentious users.

As the name implies, the device "mows" under the interface of the sixth Apple smartphone, namely iOS8 and 9. It turns out to be very mediocre, the icons are bright and juicy, but they don't look particularly like Apple's. From the general wallpaper of the starry sky and the status bar, which is enabled in the settings. This element is made perfectly and qualitatively, completely transparent, shows all the main parameters of the device. But a standard Android bar appears on the swipe down, and it just looks flawed. Is it really impossible to make it built-in, for example, as in Nova, and not overhead?

The shell is light enough, but it can only be called fast by a stretch. The work will be satisfactory on new and medium–sized devices, but hardly on state employees. The overall impression is completed by the mass of links to install applications, the absence of a task manager and annoying advertising. This program can really make your gadget look like an iPhone, but the price for this is too high.


  • Apple style;
  • Interesting locker;
  • Light weight;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Few settings;
  • Poor implementation of the status bar;
  • Mediocre optimization;
  • Advertisement;
  • The ability to make the desktop "transparent" (displays the image from the camera).


The i6 Plus Launcher program is not devoid of pluses, but there are plenty of minuses. It can be recommended to users who want to use the Apple interface, but will not think about any settings or optimization. The latest version of the app i6 Plus Launcher download for android.

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