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Muzofon 0.2.6

Muzofon 0.2.6 is the music lover's first assistant. It runs on the Android operating system. The program has a minimalistic appearance. All that is available to the user is the search bar. In it, you can enter the author, the title of the composition or the album. Next, the program searches the network and finds the necessary files.

The resulting tracks can be listened to or downloaded. That's why there are two buttons near each composition. Depending on the request, there may be quite a lot of options. Using the Muzophone program is incredibly convenient. I remembered the song – found it – downloaded it. Nothing superfluous, no players and unnecessary "buns" - quickly and efficiently.

A little spoils the look of a small advertisement that appeared in the program with the latest updates. This is easy to understand, because the developers have created a great product and a little advertising does not interfere with its use in any way.



  • Miniature weight of the executive file;
  • Simplicity and reliability;
  • Intelligent search algorithms;
  • Saving and listening to tracks;
  • Russification (yes, all three buttons);
  • Elementary and instant installation.


If you love music, then you need this program like air. It is simply unrealistic to make the search for songs easier and faster! Download it! The latest version of the player Muzofon download for android.

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