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PPSSPP - PSP emulator 1.12.3

PPSSPP - PSP emulator is probably the best Android simulator of the most popular game console in the world. The menu is similar to other emulators, there are no special innovations in it. But who needs a menu? The main thing is that the product turned out to be worthy and justifying expectations.

The emulator supports any games on the Play Station Portable, but only in ISO format. In other formats or folders, their operation is not guaranteed. Naturally, the games are not included. You will have to rewrite them yourself from the original discs or buy them online. This is compensated by the support of absolutely all projects that the console itself supports.

The graphics quality is outrageous. On sufficiently strong devices, everything will work perfectly, even at high resolutions. Simpler and weaker gadgets will be able to adequately cope with most toys, and only the most complex ones can cause difficulties. However, this is easily solved with ten minutes of "digging" in the settings.


The control is classic, you can connect external controllers of different types. By default, translucent keys are displayed on top of the game. It is better to store the emulator directly in the gadget's memory, and not on the card – it will work faster. To see the games in the menu, you need to place them in the / PSP / GAME directory.


  • Extremely high level of optimization;
  • Easy to install and configure;
  • Pleasant menu and perfect management;
  • Support for external controllers;
  • Excellent graphics quality on any displays;
  • Support service.


If you used to be the proud owner of Sony's console, or always wanted to be one, then the PSP emulator PPSSPP is a great way out! No need to look for a console, it will always be at hand on your favorite smart phone or tablet! The latest version of the app for studying PPSSPP - PSP emulator download for android.

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  • Program version: 1.12.3
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  • Program version: 1.7.5
  • Downloaded: 1982
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  • Downloaded: 1999
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