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AnTuTu Officer 4.3.8

AnTuTu Officer is a verification utility for any Android device. The program has an uncomplicated, slightly rough interface. It can be seen that the priority for developers was correct work, not visual design. The program is designed to verify the authenticity of devices. It is implemented a little strange, but users talk about a high percentage of detecting fakes.

The user needs to download the application and turn it on. After using a PC or other device, go to the project website (it is displayed in the program) and scan the QR code from there. Hence the first inconvenience comes out: there is no camera (or non–working) - there is no check.


After that, the gadget contacts the Antutu servers and, in the course of complex manipulations, information about authenticity becomes available on the site. The procedure itself is absolutely simple, but very unusual. It will be doubly difficult for people who do not know English, because there is no Russification.

You can't trust the Officer completely (anything happens), but the information about the "fake" gadget is a good reason for a deeper check, especially for devices that were bought "by hand". Do you want to test a tablet or a smart phone? Or once again make sure of the originality of your gadget? Download and get all the answers! The latest version of the app AnTuTu Officer download for android.

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