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Beat Boss - music studio 1.0

Beat Boss - music studio is just a gift for all lovers and connoisseurs of electronic music. It works on any gadgets with Android OS. The program is pleasant to use, the purpose of each key or line of the menu is intuitive. The interface pleases with good graphics, bright colors, but disappoints with unrealistically small keys. On tablets, this is not so critical, but even owners of five-inch phablets may feel uncomfortable.

The field is divided into colored sectors, each of which is responsible for its own sound. It takes up about half of the screen. The ability to increase it is present, but only with the download of the full version. The main screen can be conveniently customized to your taste. On top is a "Palette" of several colors, each of which is responsible for certain sounds (drums, basses, synthesizer, and so on). There are many presets available to quickly start your melody.

There are more than fifty options available for each type of sound, so the possibilities for creativity are almost limitless. The program recognizes up to 11 simultaneous taps, but it should be remembered that some devices support 2, 4 or 5 simultaneous taps – this is purely a hardware limitation. The created mixes can be infinitely supplemented and put on repeat. All this allows you to create masterpieces of electronic music right on your mobile device. A lot of functions, presets and sound options make the program an excellent solution for creating your own tracks.


  • Light weight;
  • The nativity of the interface;
  • Smallish settings keys;
  • Lots of sounds and effects;
  • The ability to loop tracks;
  • Convenient color-coding of sounds;
  • Elementary installation.


Bit Boss will be a great companion for creative people and electronic music lovers. Just download and try your hand at creating the beautiful! The latest version of the widget on the desktop Beat Boss - music studio download for android.

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  • Program version: 1.0
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  • Program version: 1.0
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