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E OBD2 Facile Auto Diagnostics 3.41.0839

E OBD2 Facile Auto Diagnostics is a program for motorists. Displays a lot of useful information directly on the screen of an Android gadget. The interface of the program is interesting, the orientation of the program is immediately clear from it. The menu is made "carbon fiber", in general, the animations are quite high-quality.

The main task of the application is auto diagnostics. A variety of sensor readings can be displayed on the screen, which help to identify malfunctions and provide important information. Any signals about breakdowns are supported by a description, so they do not need to be decrypted. The program monitors the engine and gearbox, so there is no need to go to the car service whenever the fault diode is lit.

In total, more than 500 PPZ (trouble codes) are available. This means that almost any problem will be detected and localized. All data about the status of cars and trips are recorded in a file and can be viewed later on Android, or transferred to a PC.


All vehicles with the E OBD/OBD2 interface are supported. The transmission takes place via Bluetooth Wi-Fi. If you are not sure about the support of your car, then the full list of models is easy to find on the manufacturer's website, or just download and try to connect.



  • Indication of standard indicators (tachometer, speed, and so on);
  • Monitoring of the general condition of the machine;
  • All trip data is saved for later viewing;
  • You can find out about any engine and gearbox errors;
  • Convenient troubleshooting;
  • Energy-saving interface;
  • Easy installation and easy navigation inside the program.


Motorists, both beginners and those with a lot of experience, should appreciate this application. Connection to most cars, excellent explanations and a lot of real–time information - what else do you need to monitor transport? Download E OBD2 Facile Diagnostics and take car care to a qualitatively new level! The latest version of the app E OBD2 Facile Auto Diagnostics download for android.

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