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iPhone 6 Plus Launcher 1.0.4

iPhone 6 Plus Launcher is another shell that tries to make iOS9 out of a “green robot". Naturally, only for Android devices. The launcher will surely find its target audience. It changes the entire graphics of the gadget (from the menu to the wallpaper), replaces the controls, but it does not touch the status bar at all.

What the user receives after installation is not very similar to the Apple operating system. From the general, only the wallpaper of the starry sky can be distinguished. The icons only slightly resemble those on the iPhone, but do not repeat them like many other shells. All programs are transferred to desktops and access to the application menu becomes unavailable. This is the right way to copy the look of iOS9, but what's the point if the icons are different and the status bar is native.

A swipe from the bottom opens the quick launch panel. And here the developers have lost – it only resembles a similar Apple tool. It seems that they have never seen the Apple operating system, only heard about it. Users who had an iPhone can install the launcher as a joke – everything looks so ridiculous.


The launcher settings boil down to the fact that you can turn on the “transparent screen” and see the camera image instead of wallpaper. There is no question of any fine-tuning. They tried to hide a low–quality product behind the picture - the screen brightness is always at the maximum and it cannot be reduced. The screen, of course, looks better, but it's very wrong to take the brightness setting from users.

The final touch is advertising, which appears very suddenly. You can block its appearance by disabling Wi-Fi, but this is not always acceptable.



  • Speed of operation;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Transparent display.



  • Very distant from iOS9;
  • No settings;
  • Always maximum brightness;
  • One built-in picture for wallpaper;
  • Advertisement;
  • Links to third-party applications;
  • Native status bar;
  • Terrible quick launch toolbar.


iPhone 6+ Launcher can perfectly manifest itself as a prank application. People who have come across Apple phones will definitely appreciate such a joke and original appearance. The latest version of the app iPhone 6 Plus Launcher download for android.

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