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LAN plugin for Total Commander 3.08

LAN plugin for Total Commander is the most convenient add–on for the most popular file manager on the Android platform. The program does not have its own graphical interface. She doesn't need it, because Total already has all the necessary elements. The plugin adds some "buns", nothing more.

With its installation, it is easy to organize file sharing over the network. The main application is to transfer files from a PC and back without cables and direct wireless connection. It is also convenient to use network printers and other devices. The connection is protected by a login and password, you will also need the IP address of the connected device. Sometimes authentication requests are a little annoying, but there is not much protection.

The plugin will be installed adequately and displayed only on the current version of the Total, so it is better to update it before installing. Without a pre-installed parent program, the LAN plugin for Total Commander is pointless to install and is not recommended.



  • Requires an active parent program;
  • Fast and reliable operation;
  • Practicality;
  • Protection;
  • Almost instant installation.


If you have the most popular file manager, then be sure to install this plugin for it. It won't take up much space, but it will add such functions that can be useful at any time and will help out perfectly, for example, in the absence of a data cable or a card reader. The latest version of the app LAN plugin for Total Commander download for android.

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