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OxPSP (PSP.EMU) 4.2.0

OxPSP is an easy-to-manage and configure application that will expand the capabilities of the Android device, make it even more functional. The presented version of OX PSP is characterized by higher speed, stability of operation, absence of errors in comparison with similar software from other developers.


It is an emulator that allows the user of a smartphone or tablet computer to play games developed for PlayStation Portable consoles on their electronic device. The program is not demanding on the resources of a portable device and occupies a minimum amount of its memory.



  • High quality sound accompaniment
  • Unsurpassed level of graphic design
  • Saving game progress
  • The software supports codes
  • Online game mode
  • Support for all controller functions


The emulator control menu is very simple. On the screen of the mobile Android device, buttons are displayed that completely repeat the control keys used in the PSP. The working interface is convenient and intuitive for the user. The application is installed automatically and does not require user intervention.


The program will arouse the interest of smartphone and tablet owners who want to further expand the list of available gaming programs and applications, gamers who want to play games developed for PSP on the screen of an Android device. How to control the movement of the characters? - Using the arrow keys "up", "down", "right" and "left", the L and R keys can be assigned additional functions.


How do I run the game in the emulator? - Just like on the console, using the "Select", "Start" buttons. Evaluate all the features of the presented emulator! The latest version of the app for studying OxPSP (PSP.EMU) download for android.

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