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Plex for Android

Plex for Android is a client for accessing a personal multimedia file server. As the name implies, it is designed to work on a “green robot”. Visually, the program is just great, and resembles the best designs from global corporations. Everything is colorful, bright and high-quality, even in 4K resolution, not to mention HD or FullHD.The program allows you to access your files from anywhere in a convenient form and organize your own data library. The functionality is incredibly rich and allows you to get maximum comfort from every action.

With the application, it is easy to upload photos and videos directly from smart to the server, while not supervising this process, save news, newspapers, TV shows. A huge number of devices can be connected, not only a tablet or smart, but also a TV, recording and audio equipment, Chromecast. Everything you need is always at hand, and access to files can be shared among friends and relatives. It's just a multimedia system of the future.


This version is light, and does not have absolutely all the functionality. To get the maximum, you need to download the PRO version, but this one will be quite enough for most tasks.



  • Chic design;
  • Easy navigation;
  • Integration with everything;
  • The widest functionality;
  • Lots of possibilities for organizing content;
  • Data Sherring;
  • Constant upload to the server;
  • Easy installation and authentication.


Plex for Android is not just a good program, it is new horizons in the management and use of content. Join the future – install right now! The latest version of the widget on the desktop Plex for Android download for android.

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