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Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun 2.0.59

Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun is a children's entertaining game for Android. The overall visual design is high-quality, bright and rich. Sounds and animations will also completely satisfy the average user, but the design of children raises some questions. Not everyone will find such big-headed characters cute.

Here the player becomes a little girl who decided to have a great vacation. She has friends, lots of time and ideas – what else do you need to relax? The whole gaming is divided into ten stories of various subjects. The child will be asked to learn how to cook hot dogs and treat friends with them, pick up an outfit, arrange a backyard, go to the barber shop and much more. Preschool users will be very interested, but older children –hardly.

The unrealistic amount of advertising in the prog is upsetting. It appears from everywhere, so just turn on the game and occupy the child with it for a while will not work, because he will constantly ask to turn off advertising. The desire of the developers to earn is understandable, but there is a limit to everything. Only 3 episodes are available at once, the rest need to be downloaded separately. There is a donation.


  • Good graphics and controversial characters;
  • Lots of exciting activities;
  • Simple operation;
  • Helps in development;
  • Advertising and donation;
  • Easy installation.


The program Sweet Baby Girl: Holidays leaves a double impression about itself. The toy is very good and interesting, but it is not made "for people", but rather as a commercial project. The latest version of the app for studying Sweet Baby Girl Summer Fun download for android.

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