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Yandex Launcher 2.3.9

Yandex Launcher is a shell for Android from the most famous software developer. The visual design is made in the classic Yandex style. Simple, bright colors, smooth lines and textures – all this makes the device more cute and colorful, but at the same time stylish and strict.

The performance of the shell is very pleasing – regardless of the version of the "green robot" or the amount of RAM, the difference is perfectly visible. Animations are pleasing to the eye – they are smooth and fast, but not "jerky". RAM is practically not engaged in the launcher.


Customization options are not as wide as some other premium launchers, but they are quite enough for the average user. Icons are well implemented – they can be downloaded from the network, or it is possible to slightly change the standard images. At the same time, a colored substrate is added, which perfectly harmonizes with the overall appearance of the launcher and does not distract the user.


There are several innovations and distinctive features that help to use the program. Swipe down to open an interactive menu with various types of search and the most popular programs. There are also popular contacts and addresses. The search in the main menu is implemented both in the classical sense and by the color of the icon. So it turns out really faster and better – it's often difficult to remember the name of the application, but the icon is much easier.

It's nice to use Yandex Launcher. The impressions from the work are positive, everything is done with high quality and taste. Not the widest customization options are a little frustrating, but for sure the developers will add new "buns" in updates. The latest version of the app Yandex Launcher download for android.

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