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Qello Concerts 3.5.4

Qello Concerts is an Android application that allows you to view concerts of popular artists directly on the screen of your mobile device. The Cuello Concerts service is very popular and differs from its analogues in lower requirements for a mobile device, high stability and performance.


Not everyone can attend live concerts and the presented application allows you to do this, as they say, without leaving home. For the normal functioning of the program, an Internet connection is required, this is perhaps the only limitation. To begin with, we create an account using, for example, existing Facebook or Google+ accounts.


The main page contains new items, popular albums and artists. From the main menu, you can move by clicking on the left or right side menu. The first contains the main sections of the application, the second contains the search system. The TV tab allows you to view TV channels about artists and their music.


The service broadcasts are transmitted in HD quality. It's worth mentioning right away that without a subscription, you can only watch a small excerpt from the concert, which of course is not enough to evaluate the entire album. It is impossible to postpone viewing and this is one of the disadvantages of the program. There are also no bookmarks, but instead there is a news section.


The software is very easy to manage and install, which significantly increases its attractiveness. First of all, the application will appeal to music fans who prefer to watch concerts rather than listen to compositions on the radio. Now your favorite music will be wherever you were, at home, on the road and even at school! The latest version of the widget on the desktop Qello Concerts download for android.

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