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4g browser 24.10.14

4g browser is a lightweight and simple browser for Android, which is positioned by developers as the most suitable for fourth-generation networks. Visually, this browser is designed quite nicely – in a minimalist style. There are no unnecessary elements, because of this it is quite convenient to use. The interface is a bit similar to the Dolphin browser, and not by chance, because the program is written on the basis of a Lighting browser.

The functionality is no different from anything extraordinary. All the main functions are present, but no interesting innovations could be found. Fullscreen mode copes well with its task – if there is no need to constantly change tabs or use history, then its use is the best way out. You can view the pages almost in full format and with maximum screen filling – while the sites do not "break", and the fonts continue to remain readable. Incognito mode is also not bad – you will not be able to restore the session with regular means.

The main "feature" of the program is the speed of operation and loading of information. The changes, compared to the classic Android browser, are really there and they are noticeable to the naked eye. Pages on both Wi-Fi and 3G and 4G load faster. It is difficult to say what this is connected with. Despite the fact that the manufacturer assures of “full” use of the capabilities of communication and data transmission generations, we can compare the effect with traffic compression, such as we are used to seeing in Opera Mini.



  • Excellent, stylish and concise design;
  • All the necessary functions are present;
  • Stable operation;
  • Excellent Incognito mode;
  • Increased performance and data transfer rate;
  • Easy installation and no additional configuration.


The speed gain in the 4G-brauser prog is present, but whether it is worth replacing the regular one because of it is already an individual matter for everyone. We can only say one thing with confidence – the program is suitable, it can be recommended to users. The latest version of the browser 4g browser download for android.

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