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Boxing Timer 3.2.3

Boxing Timer is the best Android assistant for athletes of various directions. The visual design of the software is very simple, but extremely clear. It is difficult to expect a colorful interface and normal drawing of controls from a program of this orientation, but this application is able to surprise – it is very pleasant to use.

The functionality is as simple as possible – you can program rounds, breaks between rounds. As soon as the round comes to an end, a sound signal is heard, which can vary very widely. There are enough settings to make the use comfortable and enjoyable.


As a result, we get an excellent simulator of a boxing gong. Its advantage is flexible settings, because with them the program can be used not only in boxing, but also in any other training. It will be especially useful in fitness, bodybuilding and workout – for accurate time tracking. Optimization is quite high–quality - everything works quickly and smoothly. RAM is not particularly loaded, so the program can be used on almost any device.


  • Simple but cute interface;
  • Good functionality;
  • Lots of settings;
  • The possibility of widespread use;
  • High-quality optimization;
  • There is a function of constant screen activity.


If the topic of sports is not far away to you and you are aware of the need to take into account time, then Vox intervals is the software you were looking for. The effectiveness of your training will increase, it will help you concentrate more on training, not time. The latest version of the sports app Boxing Timer download for android.

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