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Fishing Points GPS Navigation 3.7.1

Fishing Points GPS navigation is a great app for fishermen who love not only the process itself, but also the result. For the Android system. The design of the program is quite colorful and modern, there are no complaints about it. The main elements of the interface and controls are made in a Material style, which makes the program look very organic on Android 5 and 6. Navigation through the menu is simple, you do not have to search for the necessary functions for a long time.

The main purpose of the software is to work with the location of fishermen and collect any useful information for them. With it, it's easy to find old places to donkey, sign or pave the way for trolling. All this is possible both online (Google Maps + GPS) and offline, which will be very useful in the wilderness or the open sea. In addition, there are a lot of other "buns". The user has access to such functions as a compass, a ruler for distances, accurate weather forecasts (for a day or longer), forecasts of tides, lunar activity, sunrises and sunsets.

I am glad to be able to unload my own and download my own pcs from the network, which will greatly facilitate fishing in unfamiliar places. You can also add a photo of the catch to your travel reports – the main thing is not to use Photoshop at the same time.



  • Modern design;
  • Easy installation and setup;
  • Working with and without the network;
  • Plenty of opportunities to monitor the weather and the condition of the fishing spot;
  • High accuracy of location determination;
  • Many interesting network functions;
  • Not a bad optimization;
  • The device must have a GPS module.


If fishing is not only a word for you, but also your favorite leisure or fishing, then Fishing Points will be very useful to you. Just download and see for yourself – it's much more convenient to collect a big catch with this program. The latest version of the sports app Fishing Points GPS Navigation download for android.

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