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Assistant 3.4.8

Assistant is a new version of the popular application for Android devices. Assistant will become a real assistant for owners of tablet computers and smartphones and will help you plan your working day competently. A Russified talking alarm clock has appeared in the new version of the software, several changes have been made that positively affect the stability, functionality and performance of the application.


The software uses human speech recognition technology during operation and allows the user to get answers to questions, search for information on the web, run all kinds of programs and applications, work with Internet services.


The mobile assistant is able to remember data about the place of work of the owner of an Android tablet or smartphone, his entertainment, the most frequently used programs. The application understands text and sound commands, which makes it much easier to work with it. The program understands several languages, including Russian.



  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Extensive functionality
  • Support for voice and text commands
  • Stability
  • Low requirements for a mobile device


The user interface is beautifully and colorfully designed. Large buttons and fonts allow you to work comfortably with the software and make communication with the mobile assistant even more enjoyable. Graphic information is displayed equally well in both portrait and landscape orientation of the screen.


Installing the software is no different from installing most ".apk" programs and will not cause difficulties even for novice users. The assistant will arouse the interest of various categories of owners of tablet PCs and smartphones and will help you plan your day and not lose sight of even the most insignificant things and details. The latest version of the app Assistant download for android.

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