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RAM Expander is a simple and easy-to-use application for Android devices. With the help of Expander Frames, the user will be able to significantly improve the performance of his tablet or smartphone. Unlike similar programs from other developers, the application is more stable in operation and easy to manage and configure.


The essence of the software is that it creates a so-called swap file (swap file) up to 2.5 gigabytes in size. This, in turn, allows you to improve the performance of tablets and smartphones, primarily budget models.



  • The program is easy to use and configure
  • The ability to use an SD card as RAM
  • PNP Widget
  • Provides a significant increase in multitasking
  • Support auto start function


The user menu is fully Russified, the control buttons and fonts are large enough, which allows the owner of an Android smartphone or tablet to work comfortably with the program even on devices with small screens.


Installing the application will not cause difficulties even for novice users. This software will be useful primarily to owners of "old" models of mobile devices. Do I need to enable USB debugging when running the program? - No, that's not necessary.


How can I launch an application without an active Internet connection? - During the first power-up (with Internet connection), specify the path to swap and set the SU permission. Then display the widget on the display and after that you can disconnect the Internet connection. To enable and disable the "Swap", the widget will be used directly.


Do I need to reinstall the program after the device firmware? - If the kernel does not change during the firmware, then no. Otherwise, the software will have to be installed again. The latest version of the app ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER - RU download for android.

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