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PhotoMath Зависит от устройства

PhotoMath is a popular Android application, the capabilities of which have already been appreciated by a huge number of users. The Photo Match program has practically no analogues and is easy to use and configure. With its help, you can make your smartphone or tablet computer even more useful and functional!


The program is a unique calculator that uses the camera of a mobile device during operation. It's very simple. Can't solve a math problem in any way? Point your Android device's camera at it and in a matter of moments you get the answer! At the same time, the capabilities of the application allow not only to get a ready-made solution. Using the "Steps" button, the user can activate the mode in which a step-by-step solution of the example is displayed on the screen of the mobile device. The software works with most mathematical functions and actions, such as addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, roots.

It is also capable of solving some logarithms and linear equations. The functionality of the program does not yet allow recognizing handwritten texts, but the developers are working on this problem. The new version adds more detailed step-by-step descriptions, support for complex formulas, and a number of other minor changes.


The user interface, as already mentioned above, is simple and convenient. All that is required is to point the camera at a problem or an example. The program is easy to install and the process of its installation takes place automatically, without the intervention of the owner of an Android tablet or smartphone. The latest version of the app for studying PhotoMath download for android.

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