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WolframAlpha is an Android application that can undoubtedly come in handy in life. Wolframalfa has no analogues, it is easy to use, concise and intuitive operation, occupies a minimum amount of memory in a smartphone or tablet.


The program is essentially a client that allows you to connect to the most popular service of the same name, created by Stephen Wolfram and allowing the user to solve the most complex mathematical, geometric, chemical and other problems. This is in fact a huge database in which you can find the answer to any question!



  • Minimum requirements for the "stuffing" of a mobile device
  • Simple operation
  • Instant access to thousands of textbooks, encyclopedias, scientific literature in all languages
  • The application is able to solve the most complex examples
  • The screen displays not only the answer, but also the process of solving the problem


The operation of the application is simple and intuitive. Even a novice user can master the user interface in a short period of time. The control buttons and fonts are large enough to provide a high level of comfort when working with the application.


The software installation is automated and will take a few minutes. First of all, the program will be useful for schoolchildren and students, although it will undoubtedly arouse the interest of other categories of users. Find the answer to any question you are interested in wherever you are - at home, in an educational institution or on the road!


How to use it? - Just enter the question you are interested in in the search bar, whether it is a complex formula or a question about the calorie content in the product. Below the search bar, the answer will be displayed on the mobile device screen. The software can even be used as a navigator and determine the location by IP address. The latest version of the app for studying WolframAlpha download for android.

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